Homosexual Agenda advances in Tulsa

The liberal Tulsa World continued its promotion of homosexuality last week by publishing lists of men marrying men and women marrying women in its daily listing of license applications.

Health Dangers of Homosexuality

While the nation frets about the Ebola virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a lengthy list of warnings about homosexuality.

Emergency rules for health insurance to protect buyers

Oklahomans purchasing health insurance on the federal exchange will be better protected by a new set of emergency rules submitted by Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak and approved by Gov. Mary Fallin. 

Universalists top Tulsa World list

It's a popular trick among some print publications to publish a list of the "best" in Tulsa. It's a cheesy effort to reward advertisers by announcing that their product or service is the "best" based on suspicious polling or clandestine selection.

City choices are lacking Nov. 4

Tulsa's government is controlled by powerful businessmen who funnel influence and taxpayer dollars through the chamber of commerce.

Letter: Tulsa needs God's forgiveness

On October 6, the Supreme Court declined to take up appeals from states who oppose same-sex marriage.  Some people probably don't care one way or the other . . . but this is a big deal and it will have a far-reaching impact on every American citizen.

Detroit's 'planned shrinkage' keeps replacing capitalism

Detroit is a city that has been crumbling and has been deep in financial trouble for many years.  According to one author who wrote, "Over the years, hundreds of companies - of all kinds, not just manufacturers - fled to outlying suburbs (where employees had long since moved) or worse, overseas (where employees could not compete)."

It's Bound to Happen

My mother's mother lived in Michigan and each year we would drive there for a nice summer visit.  Getting to Gram's was a story in itself - single lanes before the interstate system with my father having to honk as he passed a car. 

God is at work after 800+ columns

You are now reading my eight hundredth-plus article. Every week, I have to come up with new, exciting and sometimes humorous ideas. Most weeks, I'm fortunate if I can achieve one out of three. But I want to share with you how God uses this article to change the world. 

Tulsa needs a win Saturday

It was a valiant effort by the Tulsa Golden Hurricane, but it fell just short, as Temple beat Tulsa, 35-24, in Philadelphia last Saturday. 

Tulsa had some chances in its 3OT loss to Texas State

Going into this game, it was a matchup that everyone said Tulsa had a good chance of winning. However, even with a four-point advantage by the oddsmakers, the Tulsa Golden Hurricane played down to their opponent's level and lost to Texas State 37-34 in three overtimes.