State spending on schools has gone up

News reports about how much the State of Oklahoma is spending on public education are not factual, according to information from Gov. Mary Fallin.

Van Wyk to speak

Charl Van Wyk, a missionary from South Africa, will speak at the Oklahoma Seco nd Amendment Freedom Fellowship meeting April 16 at Heartland Church, 4506 S. Vancouver Ave.

Holocaust story

In August of 1944, the Nazis liquidated the Lodz Ghetto in Poland. Among the last prisoners to leave were 250 male and 250 female Jews deemed "essential" workers in one of the ghetto's slave labor factories. This group of 500 was transported directly to Auschwitz, but their ordeal did not start or end there. 

Atheists aim to shut down faith

The atheists at the Freedom From Religion Foundation don't believe that God exists and they don't want to worship Him.

Out-of-state Hindus vs. Christianity

A Nevada Hindu is upset because state officials put on hold his application to put a monument to Lord Hanuman, a Hindu deity, on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds.

Letter: Bill would help Oklahoma farmers

Oklahoma is a rural, agricultural state with a multi-billion dollar agriculture industry. It would seem logical for agricultural producers to have the right to produce food and fiber using the latest research-proven techniques. That is why Oklahoma Farm Bureau, the state's largest farm group, supports HJR 1012, co-authored by State Rep. Scott Biggs and State Sen. Jason Smalley.

Letter: Media tells lies

The media has an ever-increasing track record of giving us false or at  least misleading information when it comes to significant defining news  events. From the attack on the USS Liberty and Pres. Johnson's Gulf of Tonkin Resolution to the Saudi's involvement on the terrorist attack of America on 9/11/2001, we are kept in the dark.

Rep. Jim Bridenstine has done what he said he would do

I first met U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine weeks before he decided to run for Congress from the First District. I had him as a guest on my radio show (Tulsa Beacon Weekend on AM970 KCFO at noon on Saturdays) and I was immediately impressed by a number of things.

Christian individuals must step up to rescue America

Anyone who has read my column for any length of time knows that I believe that America was founded as a Christian nation, and not only it has been the most blessed nation in history, it has been a nation that has blessed the rest of the world like no nation ever has.

So Many Missteps Lead to Continued Failure

You may have noticed that the Tulsa metropolitan area population has slowed.  As the article written by Curtis Killman says, "Much of the slowdown in population increase can be attributed to fewer people moving to the metropolitan area from other parts of the state and country."

Don't be just a 'decorative husband'

Marriage is an incredible revealer of truth. It helps you discover not only a lot about your mate but about yourself as well. I lived in darkness for so long as a single man that God sent along someone who had a big flashlight and wasn't afraid to use it in my life. 

Staff additions at Oklahoma State

Mark Smith and Anthony Hibbert have joined the Oklahoma State strength and conditioning staff. The two will work closely with Rob Glass and the Cowboy football program.