Bill blocks Obama amnesty

U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Oklahoma, supported a House bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security for Fiscal Year 2015, targeting funds for increased immigration law enforcement and blocking funds for the president's  granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. 

Bill motivates cost savings

Legislation filed by state Rep. Ken Walker, R-Tulsa, would allow for financial incentives to go to state employees who can find ways to save the state money.

Bill reforms budget process

Sen. Ron Sharp filed legislation to increase accountability and transparency of taxpayer dollars through strengthening Oklahoma's Performance Informed Budgeting (P.I.B.) system.  

Changing to a 2-year cycle

State Rep. Randy Grau filed a constitutional amendment that, if approved by lawmakers and then voters, would significantly change the legislative process.

Brumbaugh battles for freedoms

State Rep. David Brumbaugh, R-Broken Arrow, doesn't want liberal laws to be able to force Christian pastors to violate their conscience.

Homosexuals adopting orphans

There are bad social consequences from legalization of homosexual marriage and one of those is the impact on children.

Letter: Why give away the Panana Canal?

I just returned from an 8-day trip to Panama. My trip took me through many parts of Panama and included a trip through the canal in a small vessel.

The Right Thing to do?

The winter edition of the Price Magazine recently arrived.  The magazine is published by the Michael F. Price College of Business at The University of Oklahoma.

Complicated 'Space Shuttle Car Seat'

These modern-day car seats are a new discovery for me. I grew up in a generation that didn't have car seats. We either sat still in the back seat or our father would blindly flail his arms our way, trying to smack a kid or two while repeating, "Don't make me pull this car over!"

Childhood snow led to love of hockey

It is winter time, although this past week hasn't really felt like it in Tulsa, but in some parts of the country there is plenty of snow, and cold temperatures, to prove this truly is January.

TU coach hires Young and assistants

University of Tulsa Head Football Coach Philip Montgomery has hired Bill Young as the Golden Hurricane Defensive Coordinator as he begins to fill out his staff.