Oklahoma turkey hunters getting ready for Thanksgiving

STILLWATER – With Thanksgiving knocking on our doors and the thoughts of deep-fried turkeys on our minds, Oklahomans are gearing up for the holidays. A simple trip to the local grocery store for a frozen bird would do the trick, but some folks prefer the old fashioned way of looking for the perfect turkey – down the barrel of a shotgun.

Deer archery season is underway

STILLWATER – Oklahoma hunters have been checking their trail cameras, climbing into their blinds and slinging arrows at deer since archery season began Oct. 1. While avid hunters are eager to get out in the wild, there are several safety issues they should consider as hunting season ramps up, said Dwayne Elmore, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension wildlife specialist.

GOP leaders select Brumbaugh

As Republicans strengthened their control of the Oklahoma House because of the Nov. 4 election, a key member was added to the GOP leadership team.

Hofmeister and her liberal pals

Joy Hofmeister said in her campaign that she was "conservative" and she is proving that to be false even before she actually takes office.

Supreme Court forced to decide

A federal appeals court panel is moving toward forcing the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of forcing states to legalize homosexual marriage.

Saving In My Mind

Too perfect.  How can America be so far apart?  The November 10th edition of the Wall Street Journal on page A3 ran an advertisement for NetJets showing two winning golfers who had "seized the opportunity." 

How many folks really understand why we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Now as we come to that time designated as an annual Thanksgiving Day, one wonders just how may of our people (not to mention those millions of  illegal aliens that have invaded our borders and taken up domicile in the United States), will really take to heart the purpose for which we pause and take a day out from the normal routine.

Houston up next for 2-8 TU

It was a weekend of mixed feelings for University of Tulsa athletics as the football team lost on the road at Central Florida, the men's basketball team was defeated by ORU at the Mabee Center and the men's soccer team won the American Athletic Conference Championship.