Oklahoma congressmen oppose Obama's deal with Iran

Oklahoma lawmakers have sharply criticized President Obama's deal to allow nuclear weapons in Iran and to pump more than $140,000,000,000.00 in cash in Iran – the No. 1 sponsor of terrorism in the world.

Planned Parenthood sells parts of babies

Americans are outraged and calling for legal investigations because of an undercover video of a high-ranking Planned Parenthood doctor talking about selling body parts of unborn babies who have been aborted in their clinics.

More fallout from SCOTUS case

What are some of the problems that will follow the wrong-headed decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to legalize homosexual marriage in all 50 states?

Episcopalians endorse homosexuality

This is no surprise. The Episcopal General Convention in Salt Lake City this summer voted to completely embrace homosexual marriage.

Regionalism doesn't help Tulsa

Sales tax is the lifeblood of city finances. In Tulsa, the infrastructure needs continue to grow and the revenue stream from sales tax appears more and more shaky.

32 Years After Beirut

As the Obama administration hails its nuclear agreement with Iran, within the Arab world the deal has been met with wariness and concern.

Beating H&H with a Walker Rocker

One of my jobs is to care for students as they travel around the world. Just a few days ago, I came out of the Darien jungle in Panama. I took 18 students to live there for four days of ministry to the Embera people group. 

Minor league personality in Kannapolis, North Carolina

This was not my first trip to Kannapolis, North Carolina, nor was it my first time to watch their minor league baseball team, the Intimidators, play. It was, however, my first time to meet and watch self-proclaimed cheerleader, the "Uh-huh Guy" perform.