Citizens to PSO: stop installation of smart meters

In light of a pending decision to saddle PSO customers with a new set of arbitrary fees, the Tulsa 9.12 Project, a conservative grassroots organization, is requesting the Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to establish a moratorium on further installation of the problematic utility or water meters (smart meters).

Tulsa Police Academy has training

The Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) has granted the Tulsa Police Department permission to implement a yearlong pilot program to train peace officers in a basic police academy within the Tulsa region. 

Oklahoma's dependence on oil

The price of a barrel of oil has declined and that is bad news for the state budget. The price has dipped below $40 a barrel – the lowest cycle since 2008 or 2009.

Democrats support abortion

A handful of Democrats in the U.S. Senate are dead set on maintaining abortion on demand – even though science has proven that killing a child in his mother's womb involves excruciating pain.

Letter: Agent Orange problem

The Vietnam War was the most shameful war in all of American history, a war lost by politics, not by those who fought it.  It is a war that will never be forgotten and will live on into infamy. 

Another book has been published this year that, like Mark Steyn's recent book, A Disgrace to the Profession - The World's Scientists In Their Own Words on Michael Mann, His Hockey Stick and Their Damage to Science, lays out not only the scientific evidence that global warming is not man-made, but the opinions of the scientists who have proven so.

The news about political action committee money is inaccurate

As was stated several decades ago (former California State Treasurer Jesse M. Unruh in 1966), "Money is the mother's milk of politics." It seems unfortunate that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Super PACs can receive unlimited amount per donation and make unlimited amounts to candidates, or spend same on their behalf.

A New Dawn in America

Maybe the visit of Pope Francis brought good luck to America.  While he was in Philadelphia, House Speaker John Boehner announced his resignation from Congress at the end of October.

Light a fire by nurturing some curiosity

Curiosity is the hallway that leads to the doors of adventure and discovery. I haven't lost much of the curiosity I had as a child. I consider myself one of the more fortunate ones. 

Pope is incorrect on global warming

By promoting the hypothesis that humanity controls Earth's climate, Pope Francis and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon undermine many of the goals of last weekend's Sustainable Development Summit.

Another road test for OSU

Led by Big 12 Co-Offensive Player of the Week Mason Rudolph, the No. 19 Oklahoma State Cowboys get another stiff conference challenge Saturday as they travel to West Virginia.

Houston quarterback Ward shines in TU's AAC setback

Houston quarterback Greg Ward was stellar in the Cougars 38-24 win over the Tulsa Golden Hurricane, Saturday at H.A. Chapman Stadium in front of a crowd of 17,146. It was the first American Athletic Conference game of the season for both teams.

OSU hosts K-State after late victory over the Longhorns

After playing poorly in a 30-27 at Texas, No. 19 Oklahoma State (4-0 overall; 1-0 Big 12) can take another step toward a league title by hosting always dangerous Kansas State (3-0 overall; 0-0 Big 12) at 3 p.m. Saturday.