Judicial Retention Votes

Gov. Mary Fallin has defied a ruling by the Oklahoma Supreme Court and blocked the removal of the Ten Commandments Monument at the State Capitol.

State black bear population on the rise

State wildlife officials say black bears have become a common sight in parts of Eastern Oklahoma in recent years, a good indicator that the species is expanding its habitat range westward.

2016 local races take shape

Even though the November 2016 election is more than a year away, term limits are already sparking interest in legislative races in the Tulsa area.

Container gardening for vegetables

STILLWATER – Fortunately, for those who do not have ample space around their home, they do not have to miss out on all the gardening fun.  Those who have even just a few square feet of available space can still work on their green thumb and beautify their outdoor space. 

More fallout from SCOTUS case

What are some of the problems that will follow the wrong-headed decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to legalize homosexual marriage in all 50 states?

Episcopalians endorse homosexuality

This is no surprise. The Episcopal General Convention in Salt Lake City this summer voted to completely embrace homosexual marriage.

Regionalism doesn't help Tulsa

Sales tax is the lifeblood of city finances. In Tulsa, the infrastructure needs continue to grow and the revenue stream from sales tax appears more and more shaky.

Our zoning code should be protection for property rights

In last week's article, I discussed the fact that so many property owners and their local governments are in conflict with each other.  This is in spite of the fact that most local governments have zoning codes and comprehensive plans that are intended to create harmony between the two.  

A Social Stability Problem

A well-known Tulsa CEO told an "inside baseball" story about his company.  It would seem that persons unknown on a daily basis tried to hack into the company's computer and accounts. It got so bad that the FBI made a call.  What they did was show from where in China the hacks were originating.  It was multiple locations within China.

Minor league personality in Kannapolis, North Carolina

This was not my first trip to Kannapolis, North Carolina, nor was it my first time to watch their minor league baseball team, the Intimidators, play. It was, however, my first time to meet and watch self-proclaimed cheerleader, the "Uh-huh Guy" perform.