Islamists want Bennett rebuked for warning Americans

On the eve of the anniversary of September 11, 2001, attack on America and the beheadings by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, an Islamic group in Oklahoma City wants to silence criticism from a state lawmaker.

Mingo Valley cops target speeders near school children

The Tulsa Police Department Mingo Valley Traffic Unit (East Tulsa) will focus on posted speeding violations and hazardous moving violations in active school zones (lights flashing) throughout east Tulsa during the month of September.  

Workers' comp costs will get smaller

For the second straight year, workers' compensation loss costs used by insurers to determine rates for employers in Oklahoma  will show an overall decrease. 

Privately delivered 'state of the city'

Once again, the Tulsa mayor delivers the "state of the city" address to an exclusive group of rich businessmen downtown without thought for the average Tulsan.

ESPN apologizes to homosexuals

In late August, ESPN aired a report on the St. Louis Rams that included a comment about Michael Sam, the homosexual trying to play in the NFL. 

Florida citrus crop is in jeopardy

Florida grows about 80 percent of the orange juice consumed in America and is second only to Brazil in growing juice oranges.

American churches are facing increasing discrimination

There is no doubt that churches still face growing discrimination in America, including at zoning board hearings.  The Internet is full of stories about churches being denied the ability to use their property for reasons that a few decades ago would have been unheard of.

Bring Back Shop Class

Prior to the Tulane University football game, Tulsa University Coach Bill Blankenship was being interviewed on the radio.  He explained that TU was the smallest school in the American Athletic Conference with only 4,597 students (3,428 undergraduates) and with a freshman class, whose composite or average ACT score was 28.

Be on time in Peru to get a small T-shirt

I'm writing from Máncora, Peru, one of the many places where I work that no one has ever heard of. I could pretend to be writing from Paris, but the empanada stands, pan flute music in the background and Spanish signs won't let me forget where I am. 

Sooners overwhelmed TU

Everyone may have expected Oklahoma to beat Tulsa, but I for one, did not expect what we saw last Saturday at H.A. Chapman Stadium. The No. 4 ranked OU Sooners pounded the Golden Hurricane, 52-7.