Homeowners to pay for lesbian legal fees

A liberal federal judge is forcing Tulsa County property owners to pay almost $300,000.00 in legal fees for the lawyers of the two Tulsa World lesbians who helped overturn traditional marriage in Oklahoma.

Law bans texting while driving

Governor Mary Fallin signed House Bill 1965, making it illegal to text and drive in Oklahoma. HB 1965 makes texting while driving a primary offense, meaning law officers will be able to pull over anyone who is texting while operating a vehicle. The penalty will be $100. 

Democrats elect new leadership

House Democrats elected Rep. Scott Inman to an unprecedented fourth consecutive term as their legislative leader. 

More dam taxes on the horizon

One of the problems with building a dam on the Arkansas River is that silt will build up over time and create a tremendous maintenance cost.

Big budgets and big tuition hikes

The ever-increasing costs of a college education are not only taking a toll on cash-strapped students but are driving some schools to near bankruptcy.

Letter: Ethical conflict exists for Ginsberg in marriage case

Ruth Bader Ginsburg says that there should be equality in value and purpose when considering marriages of the opposite sex and marriages of the same sex. However, as the Declaration of Independence appeals to Laws of Nature and Nature's God, and to our Creator, I appeal to nature and creation. I am going to be blunt. 

Letter: Shame on us

The mainstream media is gleefully reporting: "Thirty-seven states now recognize same-sex marriage.  The American people are evolving toward fully accepting same-sex marriage."

Almost Stalled

You may recall "shovel-ready jobs" and efforts to increase employment and productivity.  Well, so much for the Obama administration's pathetic efforts.  Students can't get jobs and over 93.2 million Americans who could work have given up. The labor participation rate of 69.45 is just above the lowest percentage since 1977.

'The Last American President' is a 'must read' Richard Engle book

While attending the 2015 Convention of the Oklahoma Republican Party as a delegate from Tulsa County, it happened to be my pleasure to notice a display table occupied by Mr. Richard Engle of metro Oklahoma City, who is considered by me to be a friend and advisor in matters concerning political organizations.

How to give the very best to your kids

Growing up, I didn't need the Internet. Instead, I had a Montgomery Ward catalog. Not only could you use it to find and order just about anything made, but you could break one or two of the Ten Commandments within its pages. 

TU signs two basketball players

Tulsa has signed basketball players Junior Etou, a transfer from Rutgers University, and high school senior Kajon Brown, according to coach Frank Haith.

HOF honors Tulsa, OU players

Oklahoma punter Jed Barnett was honored by the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame (NFF) as a selection to the 2015 NFF Hampshire Honor Society, comprised of college football players who each maintained a cumulative 3.2 GPA or better throughout their college career. 

OU's Buddy Hield to return in 2015

The Oklahoma Sooner basketball team got a boost Friday as Buddy Hield, the Big 12 Player of the Year, announced he would forego the NBA draft and return to OU for his senior year.