Lankford says Iran deal is deeply flawed

U.S. Sen. James Lankford said Obama’s Iran deal is deeply flawed and should be about stopping Iran’s nuclear program rather than “slowing it down.”

Fruits and nuts in California?

California is paying for a man to have a sex change operation. Shiloh Quine, who was named Rodney Quine when he went to prison in 1980, has convinced state psychologists that he is really a woman trapped in a man’s body.

Cruz scores in Oklahoma visit

The Ted Cruz campaign stop in Tulsa and Bartlesville in August produced overflow crowds that cheered the Texas Republican who is seeking the nomination for president in 2016.

More bizarre immorality moves

New York Magazine reported the story of an 18-year-old woman who has fallen in love with her father, whom she plans to marry and then have children.

Do We Have the Will to Reform Education?

The primary reason Donald Trump is so popular among people is that they are fed up with the direction of the country and politics as usual.  Republicans and conservative Democrats gave control of the Congress to Republicans in 2014.

Make sure you give your best ‘life’ tools

I took me a while, but I finally came to understand that when it comes to buying tools, quality matters. This comes from many years of experience, because I used to think I could save money by buying cheaper tools.

Professional Bull Rider tells his stories

Each year when the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series comes to Tulsa, I am there, and this year was the 11th time the PBR made a stop in Tulsa. Well, this time around I finally had the opportunity to interview PBR entertainer extraordinaire, Flint Rasmussen.