Fallin orders agencies to plan for 10% budget cuts

Gov. Mary Fallin has issued an executive order for the head of every state agency, board and commission to come up with written plans to reduce spending by 10 percent for the rest of this fiscal year and for the next fiscal year.

Honoring America’s veterans

At the onset of World War II, America drafted teenagers, taught them how to fight and protect themselves and sent them off to war. They had no choice but to leave their homeland and fight tirelessly against ruthless enemies to save the world from tyranny.

No to increased state sales tax

A group will soon start circulating an initiative petition to raise the state sales tax by one penny to raise money for education.

Violating the First Amendment

Since 1973, pregnancy resource centers founded by sincere Christians have been started all over America to help women decide to deliver their unborn babies rather than put them to death in an abortion clinic.

Socialist candidates on the Left

The first Democrat presidential debate on October 13 delineated clear distinctions between national Democrats and conservative Republicans.

Letter: Politicians abandon the Constitution

Recent remarks by several presidential candidates from both major political parties shows clearly that America no longer understands what our Constitution and the Bill of Rights stand for.  Hearing them say, "it's the law" or "it's the law of the land," makes some of us almost sick to our stomach. 

More Trouble Ahead

The Drudge Report carried an article entitled, “Gore:  Global Warming making People Dumber.”  Left-wing advocacy website Think Progress reported on a new study by the Harvard School of Public Health claims “Carbon Dioxide (CO2) has a direct and negative impact on human cognition and decision making.”

A new life resumed following the conclusion of World War II

World War II actually began in September 1939 when the forces of Nazi Germany began a ‘surprise’ invasion of Poland.  It stands clear in my memory because my parents had sailed just days before from Europe to return home from a several months  long business trip.  

Iowa State is a bigger challenger after shutting out Texas

After swamping Kansas 62-7 in Lawrence, No. 14 Oklahoma is supposed to have an easy time with Iowa State at home before facing the top teams in the Big 12 – Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma State – in a row to finish the regular season.

Schedule eases for Hurricane

Tulsa needs two more victories in their last four games to become bowl eligible in the first year for head coach Phillip Montgomery.